Honoring your Team

Ashley Haschemeyer Leadership, Volunteers

Hope Gate wouldn’t exist without volunteers. There is not a piece of our system and network that wasn’t constructed without the assistance of volunteers and people who genuinely believe in our mission. I am thankful for their contribution and especially for their example in my life!

Honoring your volunteers, or your whole team for that matter, has a multitude of impacts. Showing thankfulness can energize weary volunteers and showing them their value to your team allows them invest further and leads to higher retention.

It doesn’t have to be anything grand or complicated; actually most volunteers get embarrassed when honored in a big, public way. All that is needed is a simple act of thanksgiving that gets across these three points:

  • I see what you are contributing to the team/cause.
  • I am proud of your efforts and hard work.
  • I am so thankful to have you on this team.

Thanksgiving is in a couple days, and this is an appropriate time to plan ways to recognize those who have contributed to the success of your ministry this year.  Easy Ideas: a handwritten card, email or text just saying thanks, a quick call to wish them a happy holiday.

You could do a combination of public and private acts to show your gratitude.   Maybe host a special dinner, serving those who have served, to show appreciation.  A hosted meal allows a little more time to show your gratitude and for the team to mingle together.

If you’re still stuck, Google it!  There are countless ‘thank you’ and ‘appreciation’ gift ideas online.  So how will you honor your volunteers and team members this year?