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NEED: Most Haitians struggle to provide clean water, food, and shelter for themselves and their family so naturally education gets pushed down the priority list. While parents give their best effort to send their children to school, often they cannot pay the tuition fees or the children drop out to begin working themselves to help bring additional income to the family.


We have been working with field partners to help sponsor special individuals who are serious about receiving their education. We are able to pay their tuition fees so they can receive the schooling they want to help further themselves and their families for a better future. Below you will find a picture and quick summary of our sponsored individuals.

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    Ladies & Gentlemen that need sponsored:


    This is Mysun. He is 22 years old. We have been supporting his schooling since last year. We paid the majority of his 1st session. We have a balance of approximately $100 and the second session is $250 which gives a total of $350. His mother is a widow. He has an older brother that is also not in school due to lack of finances.


    This is Fabian. She is 26 years old. Her dad died young. Her mother lives in Les Cayes (where Andy Roemer lives) and as you know that WHOLE town suffered 100% devastation in Hurricane Matthew. She is being housed by family but that are unable to pay for her to complete her schooling. She has a balance of approximately $350.