Drop Your Stick

Kayla Crawford Leadership, Personal Experiences & Stories

Do you ever have a message just ‘stick’ with you? (You’ll soon laugh at that play on words!) You randomly find yourself thinking about a particular saying, inspiring verse, or a message that has drawn you in? Yeah, me too. Most recently, it was at my worship dance fitness class.

After our hour of fun and dance, the teacher talked about carrying a stick. There was a commercial on TV where a woman and her dog are running along hiking trails and the dog finds a stick along the way. When they get to a narrow bridge the dog tries to follow his owner, but is halted by his stick. No matter how hard the dog tried, he could not get the long, awkward stick through the opening and continue to follow his owner. Eventually, he dropped the stick and ran happily through. The lesson here is that we may be carrying a ‘stick’ that holds us back from doing something we’re called to. To reinforce the idea, the teacher passed around a bucket of sticks and encouraged us all to think of something that was hindering us from moving forward, whether big or small, one or many. Together we circled up, prayed, and dropped our sticks.

This is both a great object lesson and reminder that we have the power to drop anything that is holding us back. Whatever your stick may be (unforgiveness, depression, pride, fear, bad habits, poor influences) take this new year season as a time of renewal to drop whatever you are holding onto. It may be more difficult than physically dropping a stick, but the reward for making it through that opening to continue on the path laid out for us is so much more than any stick could ever be.