Solar Panels for Workshop & Roemer Residence

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NEED: Electricity in Haiti is incredibly sketchy. In the rural part of Haiti it is almost non-existent. The compound that Andy and Debbie Roemer live in has commercial electricity available about 50% of the time. After Hope Gate build a woodworking shop in the compound in 2015 the electrical demand went up significantly. Then Hurricane Matthew came along and damaged many of the already inadequate solar panels.

OPPORTUNITY: There are upgraded solar panels available in Port-Au-Prince that can be purchased which will replace the damaged panels at the compound and upgrade the capacity so that the woodworking shop can function more efficiently.


To raise $4000 to replace all damaged solar panels and upgrade system capacity to the point where the compound and woodworking shop can function at a much higher level.

Progress towards $4000
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    December 28, 2016

    All funding is complete and the solar panels have been installed.

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